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      Company Profile

        Zhongshan Haibao Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 with the approval of the State Department of Commerce. After years of development and expansion, the company has expanded its business scale. It has many member enterprises: Zhongshan Haibao Precision Hardware Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Xinhaisheng Metal Products Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Central Lianxin Metal Products Factory. The company mainly deals in precision metal connectors such as slides, hinges and handles. The products are mainly used in furniture, household appliances, industry, finance, automobile and other fields. As the pillar industry of the company, it has become the largest manufacturer of steel ball slides in mainland China. Its products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions. It is also a supplier of famous German hardware brands, toolbox industry leaders, top 500 companies in the world such as the United States and Canada, and famous cabinet and wardrobe brands in China.

        The company is located in the north of Zhongshan City, adjacent to Shunde Port and Nansha Port, 2 kilometers away from the exit of Guangzhou-Zhuhai West Highway, with convenient land and water transportation. The company has a total area of 80,000 square meters, and currently has nearly 1000 employees, of which 20% are professional and technical personnel.

        The company not only has advanced automatic grooving and stamping equipment, automatic product assembly line, but also has a strong R&D team and laboratory. "Technological innovation" has always been the purpose and source of the company's development. At present, it has a number of national patented technologies. Technological innovation and R&D capabilities are in the forefront of the precision metal connectors industry.

        The company is "innovative design, meticulous manufacturing, to provide first-class products and services for global customers. "For the quality policy, to" protect the environment, prevent pollution, abide by the law, sustainable development. "For the environmental policy, the company's quality and environmental management system is sound and effective.

        As the leading enterprise in the precise metal connector industry in China, the company has always implemented standardized management according to the scientific system of the modern company, and achieved good economic benefits and social reputation.

        In the increasingly competitive market environment, Haibao will continue to adhere to the core management principles of "technological innovation" and "customer-centered", and gradually realize the transformation from "Haibao manufacturing" to "Haibao creation" by establishing and improving an independent management system.

      Company Profile

      Enterprise target

      Develop and produce first-class high-quality doors and windows to be a pioneer in China's industry

      Value concept

      Customer satisfaction and trust, realization of employee self-worth, mutual benefit and win-win of suppliers and partners, social responsibility and corporate interests coexist.

      Enterprise morality

      Honest management, mutual benefit and mutual assistance, win-win world.

      Enterprise style

      Be a real person and really do things. Start from me, from now on, from small things.

      Enterprise spirit

      Dedication, pioneering, realistic, honest, strive for survival and development.

      Management principles

      Component enterprise core competitiveness team, create sustainable business profit model, cultivate a new generation of enterprise elite, to provide customers with value-added products and services.

      Quality policy

      Customer first, quality first, excellence, brand building.

      Staff world

      To create a comfortable working and living environment for employees, provide a platform to cultivate new type of compound talents.

      Development History

      • 2004 Year

        Foshan Shunde Haihui Metal Products Co., Ltd. was established

      • 2006 Year

        Establishment of Hinge Factory

      • 2007 Year

        Establishment of La Handicraft Factory

      • 2010 Year

        Zhongshan Haihui Metal Products Co., Ltd. was founded

      • 2011 Year

        Completion of Zhongshan New Factory Building

      • 2012 Year

        At the beginning of the new year, Haihui Company realizes the main body relocation

      • 2015 Year

        Import the first batch of imported high precision production equipment

      • 2016 Year

        Passed ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification

      • 2017 Year

        In order to meet the needs of expanding production, the expansion of factory buildings has been successfully completed.

      • 2018 Year

        Pass ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

      • 2018 Year

        Zhongshan Haibao Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.












      Cooperative Partner


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      • SGS Test report 45MM 1x1x1.2mm 35KGS(1)

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