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      How to Select Good Ball Slide

      2018-12-20 09:06:18

      Recently, some friends home decoration, asked me to buy furniture slides to pay attention to those aspects. Now I share my experience with you:

       the choice of slides can be through the following tests to select better quality steel ball slides:

       1. Buying steel ball slides first depends on the appearance of the slides, to see whether the surface of the products is well treated or not, there are no signs of rust. 

       2. Look at the smoothness and structure of the steel ball sliding track, hold the fixed rail of the sliding track, and then tilt 45 degrees to see if it can automatically slide to the end (some short-sized sliding track can not automatically slide because of insufficient weight, is a normal phenomenon). If it can slide to the end, the smoothness of the sliding track is still possible. Then pull the slide rail to the end, one hand holds the fixed rail, the other hand holds the movable rail, swaying up and down, so as to try out the structure and workmanship of the slide rail, it is better to choose the slightly swaying slide rail.

       3. Look at the thickness of the material used for sliding track, and the material used by WALITON is 1.2/1.2/1.5 mm in time and 1.0/1.0/1.2 mm. The material used for ball sliding track is basically cold-rolled steel plate, as well as stainless steel. When choosing and purchasing, we should decide where to use the slides. For wet places like bathroom cabinets, we should use stainless steel slides. For general drawers, we should use cold-rolled steel slides.

      4. Quality certification of slideways (such as how many authoritative quality testing certifications can be passed by SGS) and safety assurance promised by manufacturers.

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